We board a small number of horses at Lane's End. Our boarders are dedicated to progressing with their horses in a way that supports their physical as well as mental/emotional health, riders who are excited by dressage and/or enjoy other avenues of enrichment as well.

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Lane’s End owner/ teacher/ trainer Nancy Thacher is an effective, versatile teacher with a broad knowledge and experience base. She tailors her interactive approach to each horse/rider combination.

Currently Gerd Heuschmann (author of Tug of War and Balancing Act) and natural horseman Michael Sparling come to Lane’s End about twice a year to do training days. If you are interested in riding with Dr. Heuschmann, e-mail Jana Steffen at If you are interested in participating in the natural horsemanship clinics, contact Anne Arnoldy at

Lessons on school horses are not available at Lane’s End.