Our culture

Lane’s End is a small, down-to-earth community that fosters positive connections between horses and people. We are fundamentally a dressage barn, but there are extra enrichment/cross-training options, such as working up and down hills, going out on trails, playing games, liberty work, doing cavalletti, etc.

We aspire to take the nature of the horses into account.  Most of our horses have 24/7 access to hay through slow feeders, some horses go barefoot, some are turned out together, and we have a turnout track “paradise”.  We want to keep our horses interested and curious, both during non-riding and riding hours.

Our barn/farm manager Anne lives on the farm, and she is passionate about doing what is best for each individual horse. She and assistant manager Jose take exceptional care of the horses, and Elizabeth helps by sharing some of the night checks. Nancy Thacher, the owner, lives on an adjoining property.